Taylor Race Engineering joins growing list of NorthAmF1000 Sponsors

Drive-Train experts, Taylor Race Engineering join the North American Formula 1000 Championship for the inaugural 2017 Championship season.

When asked when drew Taylor to the new NorthAmF1000 Championship, manager Scott Young said, “The random drawing and social dinner idea is a great concept, it guarantees everyone has an equal opportunity to win the awards, not just the top few guys.”

The NorthAmF1000 random drawing awards will be held each weekend, with every entered driver having a chance to win prizes, including cash, discounts, and tires.

Thanks to Taylor Race Engineering, and manager Scott Young, every entered NorthAmF1000 driver will have a chance at the random cash prizes from Taylor –Β  two – $200 cash prizes every weekend!

For more information about Taylor Race Engineering, visit the NorthAmF1000 sponsor page, hereΒ 

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