MPT Lubricants joins the North American Formula 1000 Championship

Indianapolis, USA – The North American Formula 1000 Championship presented by American Racer Tire is excited to announce a new sponsorship arrangement with MPT Lubricants for the 2017 Championship Event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the 2018 Championship Season.
MPT Lubricants brings a broad range of automotive products to the NorthAmF1000 series, including oil, lubricants, polishes and more.

Jerry Hodges, founding member of the NorthAmF1000 Championship, and manufacturer of the JDR F1000, said “MPT Lubricants are phenomenal products … a high quality true synthetic oil, required in these 1000cc superbike engines. NorthAmF1000 and MPT are a natural match … this partnership will prove fruitful for both parties for years to come.”

Michael Trueba from MPT said, “The NorthAmF1000 series provides an optimal platform for MPT to showcase our full line of products. The unique combination of superbike engines in a formula race car is an ideal place to expose the racing community and general public to all MPT products.”

With MPT products, the NorthAmF1000 cars will not only have a high quality product in the 1000cc superbike engine, but also highly polished bodywork guaranteed to make the cars, and sponsor logos, shine like never before.

For More information about MPT Industries visit them on the web

Introduced in 2017, The North American Formula 1000 Championship provides highly competitive, cost-conscious racing. Every driver wins money thanks to the largest race and year end prize awards of any Formula 1000 series ever in North America.    

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