Area 81 Racing announces major changes for 2018.

Area 81 Racing recently announced Richard Franklin, driver of the #81 Waterfall Security Solutions – Stohr, has hung up his racing helmet, retiring from full time NorthAmF1000 competition. Richard has, “…bought a plane, [and will] still be having fun!”

Fellow Area 81 Racing driver, and second place in the 2017 NorthAmF1000 Championship, #18 Tim Pierce said, “ I will miss Richard as a teammate, maybe he will be back, who knows. But, I am very excited to announce Waterfall Security Solutions will remain as primary sponsor of the new single car effort from Area 81 Racing, and my #18 in the 2018 season.”

Tim went on to announce another major change for Area 81, with a change in manufacturer for next season. Tim will be transferring the #18 from his familiar Firman, for a brand new 2018 JDR from JDR RaceCars. When asked about the change, Tim said, “Moving into a JDR for 2018 is a big change for all of us at Area 81, it’s a big challenge, but we are all very excited for the upcoming season.

Area 81 Racing racked up multiple race wins, podium finishes, and second place in the 2017 championship. For more information about Area 81 Racing and the #18 Tim Pierce visit them on the web at

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