Crowe Motorsports Enters 2018 Championship

Crowe Motorsports To Field TWO cars in the
2018 North American Formula 1000 Championship.


 mike crowedownload - CopyWith a long history of success in motorsports, Crowe Motorsports enters the 2018 NorthAmF1000 Championship with Michael Crowe and Tom Copeland.


mike crowe


Owner/Driver Michael Crowe will pilot the Crowe Composites – Suzuki powered Van Diemen, while teammate Copeland will be behind the wheel of the NEO 360 Camera – Suzuki powered Firman, with Formula Car expert Ron Getter serving as Crew Chief for both cars.  

Crowe Motorsports is a full service prep shop offering rebuilds, restoration service, race prep, transport, and arrive & drive services; with shop locations in Chattanooga TN and Lebanon, OH.

Also available from Crowe is a Pro Level RF01 VanDiemen Zetec
available for SCCA and F2000 Championship Series events.

Crowe Composites manufactures body and development parts for formula cars, sports racers, and more.  Acquiring Pennon Composites/PoleCat Development Parts in 2017, Crowe Composites now has over 400 molds for vintage and modern formula car, plus will fabricate molds for any application.  Visit for more information.  

For more information about Crowe Motorsports contact:
Michael Crow

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