Season On Hold

As all of you know, the world is on a shutdown causing a halt to all racing operations.  Opening weekend was one of the last casualties, with FRP working tirelessly to do everything they could to keep us on track.   We will go racing again, hopefully at the next scheduled event at Barber Motorsports Park for what will now be Round 1 of the 2020 Championship.

We know everyone is working hard to reschedule the Road Atlanta event, as it’s a driver favorite.  However there is no news on a new date at this time.

Over the next few weeks stay tuned for some highlights from the past few years, and our 2020 preview show, still scheduled for release on Friday, April 3rd.  

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AND remember 
– no one can blame you for “hiding in the garage” –
now it’s self quarantine!   
Get those cars ready
and lets hit the track better than ever at
Barber Motorsports Park in May! 

NorthAmF1000 partners have the parts and supplies
to make sure you are ready to roll for opening weekend.   

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