Rules Package

All events operate according to
Formula Race Promotions (FRP) and
SCCA Pro Racing Rules.

All F1000 cars must adhere to the rules
laid out in the SCCA General Competition Rules for June 2018
class designation “FB”.

A few notes on engine rules:

Formula 1000 was designed to be an inexpensive way to go racing at speeds well above 150 mph.   The NorthAmF1000 championship is designed in the same manner, allowing only factory stock 1000cc super-bike engines with factory number matching ECU and throttle body.

**The Series shall reserves the right to alter the wording of any rule, and/or add rules to clarify intended meanings, including but not limited to the meaning of “stock engine**


Post Race Inspection

Following Qualifying and Race Sessions all F1000 cars and drivers
report directly to designated impound area until released by series official.
Each car/driver may be weighed and subject to tech inspection
by series designated tech inspectors.

Competitors who are determined to be in violation of any rule may be disqualified.

The series may disqualify a driver from a session, event, points, and/or prizes.

Competitors may appeal the disqualification decision to
the full contingent of F1000 drivers entered in the event.
Appeals must be filed with the series tech inspectors
within 30 minutes of disqualification notification.

Tire Rule

All tires for F1000 championship events must be purchased and serviced by Hoosier Pro Racing in Indiana.   Tires must be delivered to event and picked up at the track.


Tire Limit
Drivers are permitted a maximum of eight (8)
dry weather Hoosier Racing Tires per weekend event.

(Free practice / Testing not included in limit)

Tire Choices
Drivers are permitted to run either R25B or R35B compound
Drivers are permitted to choose either an 8″ Rear or 9″ Rear

All Tire orders must be in no less than 14 days prior to an event.

Championship Points

Drivers Championship

Drivers count their 10 best finishes towards the championship.

Drivers earn points in races in which they complete
at least half the laps of the winning car.  

Drivers earn bonus points for:
MPT pole position
Sunoco Hard Charger
Scott Young Enterprises Fastest Lap.

Manufacturers Championship

Highest finishing car type in each event earns points for their respective manufacturer.

All 14 events count towards championship

No bonus points

Drivers and Manufacturer points shall be recorded and updated
following every event and available HERE


Car and Suit Livery

f1000 2020 decal locations



2020 Series and sponsor decals and patches will be distributed at first event.
2020 Series number plates can be ordered by contacting Dustin Hodges –

North Am F1000 Advisory Committee

An advisory committee has been established to discuss and advise “The Series” and drivers on issues regarding operation of the series.

The advisory committee shall consist of any registered driver active within 12 months, car owner, manufacturer, or interested party, approved by “The Series” who has the interest and time available to devote time to the detailed analysis of all issues regarding the operation of the series, and who may request to be members of the advisory committee.  The advisory committee shall establish its own rules for orderly meetings.

The advisory committee shall consist of no less than 4, selected on a first request, first approval basis.  The advisory committee shall meet quarterly via tele-conference, and as-needed to resolve time sensitive issues.   A minimum of 4 members is required to hold any advisory committee meeting.  All members will be notified via e-mail a minimum of 7 days prior to any meeting.

 A majority vote of the advisory committee shall be required before any recommendation can be passed to the “The Series” and/or drivers.  All recommendations shall be in the form of an email with advisory committee member vote counts included.

Following advisory committee recommendations, registered series drivers and entrants shall be given the opportunity to vote on the issue(s).

Following any vote, “The Series” will take the appropriate action to attempt to resolve reasonable issue(s).

All committee meetings are recorded and available to all series participants upon request.



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